Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Medical Update: The Search Continues...

Well, since so many people were telling me that a hysterectomy was quite drastic, and I quite agreed, I decided to see my general practitioner and see what she had to say. Needless to say, she agreed with everyone else. I got the report from my ultrasound (where the fibroid tumor was first found) and it didn’t recommend surgery at all. It recommended that I have an MRI to get more information because there were several things that had not been visible or not clearly visible on the ultrasound. SOOO, my general practitioner set up and appointment for me to have the MRI as well as a second opinion from another OB/GYN.

I had the MRI this past Friday and it went fine. However, it didn’t give any more information on the tumor. One funny thing (well, I thought it was funny), there were about 4 techs in the room for the MRI. One of which seemed to be in training. They were all very kind and helpful. Halfway through the test, they needed to inject some sort of contrast stuff into me. And who would be the one to give me the injection??? Yep, the new guy. The person training him gave him some instructions and all seemed to be fine. I finished the test and went on about my day. Later on, I couldn’t figure out why my arm was sore. When I took off the band aid, I found out why. YIKES!!! I had the biggest, ugliest, bruise I’ve ever had on my arm from a shot. No wonder I was sore. I guess he has to practice on someone. Might as well be me. Oh well, this too shall pass. Ha ha!

This morning I had the second opinion from the OB/GYN. She was wonderful and listened to all I had to say as well as looked at all my test results. She totally disagreed with my first OB/GYN and didn’t recommend surgery at all. She did think that there was a possibility of endometriosis and wanted to start treatment for that until she realized that the majority of my pain is actually in the middle of my stomach, on my right side and my back. She said that while, I don’t have all the indicators of it being my appendix or gallbladder, I do have some (like fever and pain) and that it was still possible that one of those was the problem. Now, I’ve had tests to check those organs, but she said that sometimes it doesn’t show up easily and you don’t know if there is a problem until you actually look at the organs. So, before we start treatment for the possible endometriosis, we are going to rule out the appendix for sure (since pain is on my right side) and possibly the gallbladder.

So, I now have an appointment with a general surgeon to get her feedback on the situation. That appointment is for a week from today. Until then I have pain meds to help me when the pain is bad.

So, the Saga continues. Praise God that I don’t have to have a hysterectomy at this point. God is good. Hopefully, the general surgeon will have an answer. I’ll post again when I have more news. Thank you so much for your continued prayers. I appreciate them more than I can say.

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  1. Good for you for getting a 2nd opinion! I pray that the answer to your pain has a quick and simple solution.