Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank You

It's Memorial Day and there is a "M*A*S*H" Marathon on television.  I like this show, partially because it is funny, and partially because it doesn't make light of war.  It shows how it is dirty and unpleasant and cruel. The people in the show are funny, but the situation never is.

As I watch this beloved program, I am reminded of so many of my family and friends who have in the past or are now serving in the Armed Forces.  Several of my family members and friends have fought in war.  I have friends who are serving now around the world.  Some are back home, but still serving here in the States.  We take this time every year to remember those we have lost, but also to thank those who have given of themselves.  And not just the ones who are in fatigues, but also their families who wait for them at home.  I would imagine that waiting at home, can be just as hard as serving at times.  And many children grow up while their parent is away defending our Country.  We owe these men and women and their families a huge debt of gratitude.

So, to those who have are are currently serving in the Armed Forces:

Thank you for being willing to be away from your families to defend us.  Thank you for volunteering to put yourself in harms way to keep us free.  Thank you for your courage and your hard work.  Thank you for going to places that we wouldn't want to go, in conditions that no one would want to be in, so that we could stay free.

To the families of those to serve:

Thank you for supporting your military family member.  Thank you for keeping the home fires burning while they are away.  Thank you for diligently raising children alone, while your loved one serves.  Thank you for your courage and your bravery on the home front because we know what you do is not easy either.

Thank you all.

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