Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ever feel like a mouse?

This past Sunday, I showed a clip to the kids that was shown at a kids camp a couple years ago.  Below is the link.  If you haven't seen it, I would suggest you watch it before you continue reading...or else this blog won't make a bit of sense to you. 

I have seen this commercial many times now, but it was recently that it hit me in a new way.  We, as humans, sometimes feel like this mouse.  We get ourselves into situations where we feel trapped or pinned in by life.  That can happen in many ways, but one of the things that I see most often is when we allow ourselves to be scared by things that we have no control over.  And, much like mice, we can be scared by just about anything. And fear, my friends, can be debilitating.

Now, sometimes we tell ourselves that we aren't afraid.  We are just "wondering."  We wonder what the future will hold.  We wonder where we will get the money to pay that bill that looms over our head.  We wonder what the government is up to.  We wonder what will happen to our freedoms.  We wonder about all manner of things.  But many times, we aren't "wondering" we are worrying.   And worry can make us feel like that little mouse that's stuck in the trap. 

But it's the end of that commercial that I love.  The mouse takes the situation that seems hopeless and just changes everything.  That bar across him is no longer a's a tool for exercise. We should do that same.  Those things that have us scared, need to be tools to exercise our faith.  I mean think about it.  We have a Friend who is bigger than the storms that blow through our lives.  And He's not some far off deity that looms overhead...He's our FRIEND.   He loves us and wants what's best for us.  And no matter what is happening in our lives...our God is NEVER overwhelmed by our problems.  He knows what we need and He knows when we need it...we simply have to trust Him.

Next time a worry starts to take over your thoughts...remember our mousy friend here and change that worry trap into a tool to exercise your faith. 

Bet you never look at a mousetrap in the same way.  :-)