Saturday, February 15, 2014

If you could see what I see...

There is snow all over the place.  It's piled so high in some places that it is difficult to see oncoming traffic.  It makes travel difficult and it makes work outside something of a challenge.  But I love this time of year.

In fact, without question, this has been my favorite winter weather in years.  I love how the trees look full and beautiful with their winter coats of white snow.  I love how the ground is pristine and pure looking after a new snowfall.  I love the cold air that hits me every time I step outside.  It is, quite simply, a beautiful time of year.

Many people, however, do not enjoy this time of year.  They do not feel energized, as I do, when the blast of cold hits their skin.  They focus on the dirty snow that piles up on the roads and the difficulty that snow and ice can cause in travelling.  They long for warmer temperatures and are ready for any hint of winter to be gone as soon as it arrives.  I sort of feel sorry for those people...they are missing out.

Life is all about the way you look at it.  Personally for me, I am not at all a fan of summer and probably am just as miserable in the summer as those aforementioned folks are in the winter months.  But (most of the time anyway) even in the heat of summer, I can find something of beauty to comment on.  Granted, for me, in the summer that may take some doing, but I enjoy a challenge.  However, since it comes easier for me in the winter, allow me to share with you a few things that I see in the winter.  Perhaps it will help you see the beauty around you as well.

The view out Grandma's picture window.
As I sit at my Grandmother's table, I can look out her picture window that faces the back yard and it simply makes me smile.  There are things that you notice when the ground is covered in snow that are easily missed at other times of year.  For example, yesterday, two bright red cardinal's decided to stop in the back yard for a bit.  Grandma noticed them right away and called my attention to them.  I must admit that without the white covering of snow, I might not have seen them.   But two of God's creation graced us with their presence and the snow allowed me to notice them and remember their visit.   

In the snow, footprints of those who have gone before us are easily seen and followed.  And we will often follow those footsteps more readily in the snow than at any other time of year.  Foot prints remind me of those who have gone before me.  Of those who's lives I have watched and continue to inspire me.  People like my parents (Randy and Mary Jane James), saints of the church who I watched leave a lasting legacy as I grew up like Ray and Margarite Hensley, Francis Tullin, Elsie Hale, Rev. David Whitteberry, and Rev. Merlin Hunter and so many other people I have known.  Some of these people have passed and some are continuing to leave footprints for others to follow.  I hope as I see the footprints around me in the snow, it will remind me that I am not alone in this journey to follow the Father's path.  There have been many before me and there will be many after me.

Finally, the winter allows me to really notice and enjoy the sun.  When the sunlight hits a pile of new snow, it shines in a way that simply makes me marvel.  It makes what could be dreary days bright and cheerful as if the Father is saying, "Hello!  I love you!  Have a wonderful day!".   

These are just a few of many reasons I love snowy winters.  Perhaps they are not your cup of tea, and that's fine.  Do me a favor then and when summer comes around, write a blog for me about the beauty you see.  I think I'd enjoy that. 

Have a great day everyone!