Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Duties of an Aunt...

Alexander Grayson James
Yesterday, was an exciting day for our family.  My nephew, Alexander Grayson James was born in Springfield, OH.  As soon as my Mom and I heard the news, we wanted to go to the hospital and wait there for his arrival.  Rick told us that it would be quite a while before Alex arrived, but that didn't matter.  I was absolutely dying to get in the car and go!  My Dad wanted to go too, but he had some responsibilities here that kept him in North Vernon, so we were sending him frequent updates via texts and phone calls.

Alex imitates Burgess Meredith

Then, at 1:53 am on January 2nd, he arrived.  Alexander showed up and our lives will never be the same.

Now, you may not be aware of this, but while Alex is my first nephew by blood, he is not my first nephew.  Some of my dear friends (Jeremy and Lynnette Page & Kris and Erica Miller), have children who also call me Aunt Toni...well, actually only one is talking as yet, but that is beside the point.  Ha ha!  So, I actually now have 3 nephews (Luke, Byron, and Alex) and 1 niece (Aurora). And they are all very special to me and I am thrilled beyond all measure to be their Aunt.

Being an Aunt is still new for me, but fortunately I have had some wonderful examples of Aunts (and Uncles) over the years that I can look to and this is what I have come up with.  As I see it, there are 5 very important jobs that I have as an Aunt.

1)  Be a Christlike Example:   I want them to know that I love Jesus and that He is indeed my top priority.

2)  Pray for my nephews and niece:  There are lots of things that they will have to face that I never had to face as a child.  They need my prayers.

3)  Be a listening ear:   I know as I was growing  up, sometimes I needed someone other than Mom and Dad that I could unload my problems on or work through an issue with.  I am so thankful that my Aunts were there for me to talk to.  They often had insight into my parents that I needed to hear in order to be able to see my parent's point of view.  I want to be able to do the same.

4)  Provided help when needed:  Over the years...especially when I lived far away from my parents, my Aunts and Uncles have come to my assistance many times in many different fashions. At times it was money, sometimes it was advice, and sometimes is was an earful that I really needed to hear...even if I didn't want to.  (Yep, I was a stubborn teenager...I'll admit it.)  I am truly blessed by my Aunts and Uncles and I want to be the same kind of blessing to my niece and nephews.

5)  Never let them forget that they are loved:  Though none of them live close, I never want Alex, Luke, Byron or Aurora to forget that they are loved by their Aunt Toni.  When I can't see them in person, I love sending cards, letters, and packages and when they get old enough to talk on the phone, I'll do that too.

Thank you to all my Aunts and Uncles.  You have blessed and continue to bless my life more than I can say.  I hope I can be as good an Aunt as you have all been to me.

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