Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Blessing of Friendship

So, the last few days I've been somewhat nostalgic. It happens to me from time to time. This time it was brought on by looking at some old pictures on Facebook. I've always been one to take lots of pictures and I love looking at them. They help me remember all the wonderful people and places I've been blessed to know over the years.

I'm about to have a birthday in a little over a week and while I am not one who generally worries about growing old, when my birthday rolls around, I do often take a little time to reminise about the days gone by. When I do, I find that I have been blessed more than I could ever deserve with friendships that have stood the test of time.

First I was blessed to have a small group of friends who never seemed to lose track of me no matter how many times my family moved. If you've ever had to move often in your childhood you understand what a rare gift that is. Sara, Audra, Stacy, Janell and Jason will always be special to me and very dear friends because they have always been my friends no matter how far away I was from them. They have known me the longest...and they still like me. :-)

I was in 5 public schools and was homeschooled as well. In all those public schools I met amazing people. Thankfully I still get to keep up with some of them through Facebook. What a blessing that is.

In college I met some of the most amazing, talented, and loyal friends that I could have ever imagined. I couldn't possibly list all the wonderful people who touched my life during those years. I loved cheering on our soccer team, hanging out with my Music Business classmates, being apart of Student Government, having parties (usually in the same room of Jernigan where SGA met or in Benson Lobby), Watching X-Files with friends on Sunday nights while eating Little Ceasars Pizza, attending/being in weddings, spending time with my amazing roommates (Krista and Lisa), Choir tour fun, and of course who could forget that marathon 8 night recording session to get my Senior Project done in a studio that wasn't always quite operational. Sam, I'm pretty sure you and Derick pulled off a miracle that week for which I am very grateful.

God blessed me with friendships in churches across the miles. From other Pastor's Kids (like the Fountains, the Brummets, the Freys and more) to staff members that I have been blessed to serve along side (Muncie Southside, Liberty Towers, Jefferson City, and now North Vernon) or other ministers on the District's where I've served (NEI, Sacramento, Missouri, Indianapolis) and the countless people in the churches where I have attended or served. New friends have been added to my life that I can't imagine not knowing because while we have known each other a relatively short time (can it really be less than 5 years?) they have become people that I depend upon, lean on, love and trust so much.

While my parents were missionaries, I got to meet some of their students and now count the students of the Shangalia Choir as friends as well.

As I look back on my life, I am humbled by the blessing of friendships that God has granted me. Friendships that I hope to continue to foster and grow.

Thank you Lord, for the amazing blessing that you give us through our friends. May we never take them for granted.

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  1. You are the best. Thanks for being there for Lisa and little old me.