Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Saga of the Peas - Part 3 "The Harvest"

EUREKA!!! I grew peas! And they said it couldn't be done! Well, I did it.

Before I left on vacation, there were three pea pods growing on my plant and when I returned, there were four! I know that probably seems like not much to be excited about, but you have to consider three important factors:

1) I have a black thumb.

2) I'd never attempted any type of gardening before.

3) Apparently you are supposed to plant peas early in the Spring because they don't do very well in the heat of summer. Something I was not aware of when I planted them at the very end of May.

So, my entire harvest was FOUR PEA PODS! However, once I opened the pods and dumped out the peas, there were more like 10 peas. Now, the problem became, how do I cook such a small number of peas? There wasn't enough to have them be their own side dish. So, I borrowed the smallest pot I could find and cooked them up and then put them into a casserole. Then not only did they look like there was more, but they added a bit of color to the dish.

They were pretty tasty, but I really wasn't able to judge if I would like them better than the fresh frozen kind that I buy in the store, so I suppose I'll have to try this experiement again next year. Who knows...perhaps I'll even double my harvest. :-)

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