Thursday, February 24, 2011

So, I’m Fixin To Have A Birthday…

On Sunday, I’m going to turn 35 and I couldn’t help but ponder all the things that have changed in the last 35 years. Perhaps these random ponderings will strike a chord with you too.

***When I was a kid, cartoons were for kids! Rick and I fought on Saturdays over who got to watch "Smurfs" and who got to watch "G.I. Joe"…or maybe it was "Transformers." Either way they were all good shows. I also loved watching the "Gummy Bears" and "Jem and the Holograms." (Got a Jem doll when I was in about the 3rd grade and I though it was the coolest thing ever with it's flashing earings!!!) We were living in the motor home at the time, so our tv was only had about a 4 inch screen....though I think we did get maybe a 12 screen later on. I have lots of fond memories from growing up on the road, but those Saturdays of watching cartoons with my brother are some of my fondest.

***Remember when phones were those things that hung on the walls as opposed to fitting in our pockets? I’ll never forget the time Rick, Kyle, Sara, and I accidentally tuned into two ladies on a party line…we didn’t actually have a party line, so that’s why it was so odd. Rick and Kyle on one extension, Sara and I on another…all of us trying to figure out what was going on. Ha ha ha!!! Good times!

***In Lexington, we used to play with all the kids on our block. It was mostly boys, so the games of choice were generally football, or some sort of racing game. But it was a lot of fun.

***We had an 8 Track Player in our motor home for awhile. We listened to Ray Stevens, the Cathedrals, and the Imperials as we travelled down the highway. I’m sure there were probably others too, but those stick in my mind.

***Remember when it only cost a dime to use a pay phone, well…back when people still used pay phones.

***In Jr. High, I remember taking a computer class where they were trying to teach us these crazy long codes in order to do anything with the computer. I thought I’d never figure it out…sure glad I didn’t have to. Then in High School, Dad got the internet at our church for the first time. Email seemed so amazing. Now, email is so common hardly anyone writes letters anymore. It’s sad too, because there’s nothing quite as uplifting to a day as getting a card or letter in the mail from a friend. I like to send letters. Sending them makes you feel good too.

***When people moved away, it used to seem like such a big deal because it was expensive to call and, except for letters, there wasn’t an easy way to keep in touch. Now, I can call anyone online with Skype and actually see them as we chat. Plus most cell phones include unlimited long distance, so we can actually talk almost as much even though the other person is hundreds or even thousands of miles away. And let us not forget Facebook and blogs. Now, we can all be connected literally at the touch of a button. AMAZING when you stop to think about it.

***When I was a kid, I never thought I’d get to meet and get to know so many amazing people as those who are a part of my life. 35 years (well, Sunday it will be 35 years…let’s not rush things. Ha ha!) and I’ve been blessed to meet people from all over the world and have friends that mean more to me than they will ever know. My family is amazing and God is good. What more could a person ask for? Thank you Jesus! I can’t imagine the exciting things you have in store for my next 35 years.

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  1. That's right! For a little while, I forgot that we're birthday buddies! :-) I'll have to have some cheesecake in your honor. Happy birthday, friend. We should definitely chat soon. :-)

    - Kathryn