Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving to a Not So New Place...

So, as you know, if you've been following this blog or Facebook, I have been looking for a new place to serve because the church in North Vernon could no longer afford an Associate.  It took several months and much prayer, but God has opened a new door for me that seems to be just what I needed.  He's so good like that. 

Starting this Sunday, January 12th,  I'll be the new Children's Pastor at the Parkview Church of the Nazarene in Anderson, IN.  I even get to preach next Sunday night so if you're in the area, stop in and say hello.  I'm looking forward to this new place and getting to know these people.  Why is this such an answer to prayers?  Well, not only am I convinced this church going to be a really great place to serve, my friends, let me share with you how good God is.

First of all, Anderson is my old stomping ground.  I am familiar with the area and have lots of friends and family around.  Second, this opened a door for me to be able to move in with my Grandmother and help her out as well.  Thirdly, my new church is literally right next door to the school where my oldest and one of my dearest friends teaches.  Fourth, within 30 minutes of where I now live, there are 4 other Children's Pastor friends with whom I can connect.  And lastly, because I am still in Indiana, that means I will be able to attend SPARK in March.  SPARK is an annual retreat for children's workers from all over the state where we are able to attend workshops, connect with other churches, swap ideas and more.  It's a blessing that I was truly hoping I wouldn't have to miss.

God is so good.  Even now, I am sitting in the midst of a snow day (my favorite kind of day).  Grandma and I are about to relax and spend some time watching movies and enjoying seeing the beautiful snow that is just outside our doors.  We have about a foot so far and the temperature at the moment is -13 and it feels like -47 we won't be venturing out today.

I hope your new year is as blessed as mine has started out to be.  Until next time, as my Dad always says, "Be blessed and be a blessing."

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  1. God is so good! I definitely feel you are in the right place. Isn't it funny how He works in His time! You have been such a blessing here at North Vernon and how I appreciate it. Now you are there where you should be and we are here. God has His ways all worked out! LOL As we go on let us keep each other lifted up in prayer. We will need it. LOL