Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gardening 101

Well, Spring seems to have officially come to Indiana.  Those who know me well, would tell you that I'm lamenting the fact that there will be no more snow and they would be correct.  However, I do enjoy the Spring some as well.  I like seeing the world come alive with color once again.  Today as I was driving to the post office, and I saw a tree all in bloom with pink flowers of some sort and I was reminded of the beauty that will be coming our way shortly.

My Mom is a gardener.  She is constantly playing in the dirt once the weather gets warm.  Personally, I try to stay away from dirt because it usually contains bugs and I am not at all a fan of bugs.  But Mom gets out there and digs away.  She pulls at weeds, plants things, and is constantly watering something or other.  Then, before you know it, cool little things start growing in all those places where she'd been digging and pulling and watering.

Our relationship with the Lord is a bit like gardening.  It takes work for it to grow.  Our time in prayer, Scripture reading, and in fellowship with other believers, are the way we tend to our spiritual garden.  When we ignore those things, weeds can start to creep into our lives.  We might not notice them at first.  After all, not all weeds are ugly.  Some can even look kind of pretty...but they are still weeds.  And weeds take away from the beauty of the flowers that they infiltrate.  If we catch them when they are small, then usually they are easily removed, but if they are left to grow, those weeds will totally take over the flowerbed and you won't even notice the flowers anymore.

How is your spiritual garden growing?  Have you been tending it or has it been overtaken by weeds?  If the weeds are thick, worry not.  It may take some effort on your part, but God will help you remove them.  After all, God made you to be a beautiful example of His love.  Don't get let those weeds hide all the beauty He has created.

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