Monday, September 17, 2012

You Might Be A Children's Pastor If...

So, I'm feeling a bit silly, so I put together this little list.  I'm sure my Children's Pastor friends could add to it, so feel free.   Enjoy!

You Might be a Children’s Pastor if:
           * You can improvise a lesson when all the “props” you planned to use decide to mutiny

           * You realize that props do indeed mutiny, but only at the most inopportune times, so always have a back up plan...and perhaps a back up back up plan.  :-)

* You have ever stapled a costume for a program so it would stay together long enough for the performance.

            * Empty toilet paper rolls are not something that you think should be thrown away.

            * You have no idea what music is popular unless there is a version out for kids.

            * You can name at least 5 children’s television shows on Disney or Nickelodeon

            * You can indeed pull a "MacGyver" on a Sunday Morning if needed
            * You understood the previous statement.

            * You find object lessons during any shopping trip

            * You realize that having an overhead projector is an incredibly important decorating tool
            * You know what station is Radio Disney

            * You could wallpaper your children's department in Oriental Trading magazines that NEVER STOP COMING!

            * Your office is often filled with random objects that seem to others to have no purpose but to you are just object lessons in waiting.

            * You have difficulty not coming up with motions for the songs in “big church”.

            * You can not stand still to give a lesson…even if it is for adults.

            * There is a wig in your office that is used most often when it is NOT Halloween.

            * You have a stockpile of masking tape and/or duck tape and you take some with you to any/all events “Just in case”.

            * You love Jesus and love teaching children all about Him.

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