Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A quick trip home...

On Monday, I flew out of St. Louis to come home for my Mom's 60th birthday. My plane arrived in Louisville, KY where I was met by an old friend who I hadn't been able to see for about 10 years. What a blessing it was to spend some time with Faith and her adorable son Brady.

My Mom picked me up outside Louisville and we headed up to North Vernon, IN where my parents live. We went to "I'm Stuffed" for pizza that night. What a cute little restaurant. If you're ever in North Vernon, I highly recommend it. Great food!

Tuesday was my Mom's 60th birthday and my Dad had planned a big party for her at the Ruby Tuesday's in Anderson, IN. However, the party was in peril when Mom got sick in the night. She was ill all night and all morning. However, by about 2pm, she was beginning to feel better and wanted to go to the party. She got progressively better as the evening wore on. We were so glad!!! At the Ruby Tuesday that night, we filled up the back room with family. What a fantastic time we had. There were about 24 of us and while it was a large group, it was only a portion of our vast family. We missed those who couldn't attend, but thoroughly enjoyed being with those who could. Because very few in my family have the ability to laugh quietly, we can be a rather loud bunch. We didn't know how noisy we'd been until, when we left a patron stopped my Uncle and said, "You guys have just been having such a joyful time back there. It's been such fun to listen to you all." I thought that was pretty cool.

We spent the night at my Grandma's house. My brother had come in for the event and it was great to see him even if only for a short time. We don't often get to have all of us together so it's always nice when we can be. We all hung out for a bit at Grandma's after the party. My Aunt came over too. We all were pretty tired though, so it was an early evening.

This morning, Dad, Mom, and I came back to North Vernon. I so enjoy getting to spend time with my parents. Whether we are watching tv, playing games, or sharing a meal, it's always such a joy just to be in their company. I am so blessed.

Tomorrow, I fly home. Mom and Dad will take be back to Louisville to catch my flight. However, since I have a layover of more than two hours in Chicago, my cousin Corey is going to meet me at the airport so I can see him for a bit. That will be so very fun and a great way to end my brief trip.

So, this whirlwind trip is nearly over and I'll be home soon, but I'm so glad I got to come. Happy Birthday Mom! You may have turned 60, but I think you'd be hardpressed to find anyone who believes you look it. You're amazing and I love you!

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