Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Devil's in My Pocketbook - Part 3: The GPS

The Devil's In My Pocketbook...and Other Things I learned from Grandma (Part 3)


It's been awhile since I posted one of the stories/life lessons from my life with my Grandma James.  She has been on my mind frequently the last few days and this particular story has come to mind many many times over the years.

About ten years ago, my dear friend, Erica and her family were living in a small town in Ohio and I was planning a trip to go see them.  Because it was going to simply be a day trip (it was only about two hours from my Grandma's house) and because my Grandma was also very fond of this friend, she came with me to see Erica.  However, I had never been to Erica's home before as they had moved since my last visit with her, so when we got in the car, I plugged in the GPS and put in Erica's address.  The GPS started giving out directions and we started our road trip.  Almost immediately after the GPS started giving out directions, Grandma because very concerned.  Our conversation went something like this:

Grandma: How does it know where we are going?
Me: I put in Erica's address.
Grandma: (eyes wide...concern showing) But how does it know how to get there? (She clearly thought something nefarious was going on)
Me: It's computerized Grandma.  There are maps in it and it follows the maps. 
Grandma: But how does it know where we are going?  Is it watching us?
Me:  No, it's simply following the map from where we are.  

This type of conversation went on for several minutes.  I finally seemed to convince Grandma that the GPS was not some scary device someone was using to track us all down and she became rather quiet.  

After we had continued on our journey for a while with the GPS consistently giving out the directions I needed to follow, Grandma spoke up again saying quite matter of factly, "I bet that's a lot of company for you as you drive." 

I tried to hold it in.  I really did, but I couldn't help it.  I laughed and said, "Well, you know, I never thought about it that way before, but I suppose it could be."  

Grandma didn't quite grasp the concept of the GPS.  However, she was always concerned about any of us traveling alone.  And for some reason, she felt that the GPS might make us feel a little less alone and that seemed to give her comfort.  To this day, I can't turn on my GPS with out thinking of my Grandma's comment with a smile.  

She was like that.  She was smart, but simple in her way of looking at the world.  She didn't really understand a lot of technical things, but she was content seeing them as useful items for life...even if her use for them might be slightly different than what we might think of.  

I think God looks at us like that sometimes.  He sees us and knows exactly what our purpose is and He will lead us toward the plan He has for us.  He even gives us a "GPS" through His Word, but we sometimes don't see it as the way to get where we are going and view it as simply our "companion" who talks to us from time to time.  But when we use it that way, we are missing out on all that the Word has for us.  It's meant to give directions to help us get where we need to go, but it can only do that if we fully allow it to teach us...If we step away from it we are sure to get lost before very long.  But thankfully, the God's Word is faithful to help us back onto the right path if we are faithful to listen to it's directions.  

I will never again hear a GPS without thinking of my Grandma, and I'm not sure I'll ever view my Bible the same way either.  

Until next time...   

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