Monday, July 14, 2014

The Devil's in My Pocketbook...and Other Things I learned from Grandma (Part 1)

Grandma and Alex.  I can't wait until he can enjoy these stories too.
For years my family has been saying that we were going to write a book about Grandma and include all the funny things she has done.  We always told her that we would have to publish it in the fiction section because no one would believe that it was all true.  However, as good as our intentions have been, we have yet to finish said book.  So, I thought I'd start it in my blog.  It won't be completed in one blog, but will be a series of them that I'll post from time to time.  Though these stories are funny, they do have something to teach us...well, some of them do.  Some are just a scream and had to be included.  :-)  So, if you see the above title, you'll know...there's some humor ahead.

So, first I'll explain the story of the title of this book.  "The Devil's In My Pocketbook...and Other Things I learned from Grandma."

Many years ago, my cousin was ill and had to go to the doctor.  On this occasion, my Aunt was working and could not take him, so Grandma took him to the doctor.  Since my Aunt didn't want to miss what the doctor said, she sent a small tape recorder with Grandma to record what the doctor said.  No big deal...except come Sunday, Grandma still had the tape recorder in her purse.  Sunday morning Grandma heads out to church and as she drives along she starts to hear this low growl and isn't sure where it is coming from.  She checks her radio and realizing it isn't on, she continues on to church, but the low growl and grumbling continues.  By the time she arrives at church she is convinced that the devil is in her car.  When she drove up to the church and handed her car off to a young person to park her car for her (a service offered for the elderly at that time) she warned them that something seemed to be in her car.  The young person parked the car without incident and Grandma headed into the sanctuary.  As service began, she could hear the low growl continue and was becoming concerned.  Those around her had easily realized that the sound was coming from her purse and eventually she realized it too.  She gingerly started opening her pocketbook, unsure of what she would find.  When the pocketbook was opened it was found that that small tape recorder had turned on, but in the 1/2 speed setting, which of course made the doctor's recorded voice sound quite ominous.  When Grandma turned it off, she turned to her friend next to her and said in a very relieved manner, "Oh thank goodness.  I thought the devil was in my pocketbook!"  

Now, it is important to note, that during all of the above story, except for when she got to church, Grandma was alone and none of the family was sitting with her in the service.  We would never have known of this hysterical escapade except that she shared the story with us during lunch.  We laughed and laughed.  We could just picture her confusion and concern.  My Uncle asked her, "So, really...of all the things that sound could have been, the only thing you thought it could be was that the devil was in your pocketbook?" To which Grandma replied, "Well, I had already checked the radio!"

We have laughed about that story for probably 20 years now.  But as I look back on it, I realize that she probably isn't too far off in some ways.  Though, I am certain that the devil is NOT in my pocketbook, he sometimes uses the things in my pocketbook to try and keep me "too busy" for God.  My calendar gets full, my to do list lengthens, and my wallet is constantly wanting more money in it.  Plus in this present day and age, the internet, the phone, my music, tv shows and even movies will all easily fit into my pocketbook.  If you stop to think about it, if I'm not careful, the devil could indeed worm his way into my pocketbook.  Grandma's funny story reminds me to be ever careful.  He's not there now, but he's always going to try to get in...only I won't hear a low growl warning me he's arrived. 

So, that's Part O
ne!  There's many more to go, but that's all for now.  Have a great day everyone!

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