Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What's right for you???

I am so tired of the phrase, "What's right for you..." fill in the blank.  How did we get here?  Why is it considered so wrong to have a sense of right and wrong in the world.  How did we become so very self centered that we no longer care about our fellow man's well being.  We hide behind phrases like, "It might be right for you..." because we don't want to appear like we disagree.  

We live in a world where someone has to stand up and say, "NO!  THAT'S WRONG!!!"  Is it possible that someone will not agree with what we believe to be right and wrong?  Sure!  That's their right!  They can believe whatever they want, but that's not going to make it any more right or wrong.  If I were wearing a pink shirt, you could scream at me that it is blue until you are hoarse...but it will still be a pink shirt.  So, go right ahead and scream.  Only one of us will look foolish in the end.

I try very hard to not be a political type person.  It simply doesn't do any good to fight online about things because no one will change their mind because of something someone says on the internet.  But with new laws being put into place and discussion happening everywhere, there is something that I simply must voice an opinion about and that is abortion.

So, if you will pardon me for a moment, I must stand up on my soapbox.

Abortion is wrong!!!  It is murder.  It is the taking of a life.  There is nothing okay about that.  Nothing.  And while you might say, "Well, it is not my place to tell someone what they can or can not do with their body", then I have a couple questions for you:

Do you allow people to come up and punch you whenever they please?  If you do not, then you are not allowing those people to do what they would like to do with their body.  After all it is their fist that is hurling at you.  Their arm that is swinging your direction.  Who are you to tell them that they can not do what they like with their own body?

Do you allow people to mistreat children?  After all, they are doing the mistreatment with their own bodies.  They are the ones who are using their arms, legs, fists, or whatever to inflict harm on a child that can not stop them.  But if you stop them, then you are not allowing them to do what they wish with their own bodies. 
You can not have it both ways. 

And what about the bodies of those small unborn children?  They have different DNA from their mother and often have a different blood type.  THEY ARE NOT HER BODY!  And, they are totally innocent.  They did not ask for their parents to have sex and create them.  Even if they are a product of rape, they did not ask to be conceived any more that their mother asked to be raped.  They did not commit the crime.  They sit there with no say in the matter at all and yet they are the ones whose lives are taken.  

Why is it murder in many states if one of them is killed in a car accident or if the mother is hurt in some other way, but perfectly okay to take that same life if the mother goes into an abortion clinic.  The unborn child was same amount alive whether it's life is taken in an accident or on purpose.

The next, and most infuriating, argument that I hear is, "Well, if they are born and their parents can't take care of them or don't want them, what kind of life will they have?"  Well, first of all, those parents better quit making babies until they can care for them.  Seriously people.  Don't have sex and you can't make babies!  There is your choice!  If you choose to have sex, well then you had better be prepared for the results.  Don't act all surprised about getting pregnant!  This is not rocket science!  And as for the babies that need good homes...there are families literally all over the world who would give anything for a baby.  
Pro-Choice is simply a way for people to make themselves feel better because Pro-Murder would be totally offensive.  

I shall now step off my soapbox.  

I promise my next blog will be much more upbeat and less controversial.

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