Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Passing of a Legend...Rest in Peace Andy Griffith

I don't think that I've ever written a blog about a celebrity.  And this blog isn't actually about a celebrity perse as much as it is about the change in our society.

Yesterday Andy Griffith died.  A legend in the television world and a fixture in most American homes at some point.  Whether you watched him at Sheriff Andy Taylor on "The Andy Griffith Show" or as Benjamin Matlock on "Matlock", laughed as he portrayed Private Will Stockdale in "No Time for Sergeants", or enjoyed his musical styling of the old hymns, he brought joy and laughter to our homes for many years.  And he did it all in a family friendly way.

When Andy Griffith was on Television, you didn't have to be afraid to watch the show with your family.  His humor was not only funny and timeless, but also clean.  In fact, most of the comedians that we look back on with great fondness were hysterical...and clean.  Andy Griffith, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Dick Van Dyke (who is still living) and many more have been and will always be looked up to as masters of their craft and they all made us laugh without offending us.  It is sad that the same can not be said of most (though not all) of our current so called comedians.  It is interesting that these are the giants of the comedic industry.  No one will ever take their place...but it causes me to wonder why more people are not following their lead.

I suppose crude has become the new "funny", but crudeness isn't funny.  It is, however juvenile.  Bathroom humor should remain in our childhood.  Children can't help that they find that kind of humor funny, but adults should outgrow it at some point.  Swearing isn't funny.  But somewhere along the line, our society decided that these things were indeed funny...and society has suffered for it.

So, I tip my hat (if I wore hats) to those truly funny people who brought us laughter that will stand the test of time.  I appreciate that they didn't waver in their stand to keep their humor clean.  It's sad that we have lost another who wa That is what crossed my mind when I heard of the passing of Andy Griffith.  I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

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  1. Not sure what happened with that last couple sentences. My computer has issues today. It should have said, "It's sad that we have lost another who was so very good at his craft."